Pasta Fresca

Buonasera!   I’ve been talking about making pasta with my friend, Alex Ferrari (Ferrari Olive Oil Company – Studio City) for some time now.   He sells a beautifully delicate White Truffle Oil that justifies the additional effort.   (Remember, if the sauce is light or relatively simple, that’s the perfect time to roll out Nonna’s old-fashioned crank-handled machine – it’s by far the best tool to use for achieving perfect results.)   Anyway, Alex, you’ll be glad to know that tonight I finally got around to rolling up my sleeves and rolling out the semolina.   A fresh Fettucinni was tossed with nothing else but your delicious White Truffle oil, and just a breath of Grana Padano on top for contrast.   (The pasta was selected for its wide, flat shape, thereby providing ample surface for the oil to cling to.)   Wow, two Truffle dishes in less than a week.   Oh, the decadence of it all.   Ciao e buon appetito!