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Poached Figs 2

Fichi in Salsa di Mandorle e Arancia

Ciao!   A long day, with another lining up right behind it.   With my candle buring at both ends, decided I deserved to treat myself to something special – Poached Figs in Orange Almond Sauce.  I loved this as a kid when Nonna Caroline served them at Sunday dinner.   To update the recipe; give it a more adult, sophisticated twist, I …

limoncello gelato

Limoncello Gelato

Buonasera!   Suffered through another hot day in SoCal.   What to do, what to do?   Well, besides cranking up the AC, cranked up the ice cream maker (seem to be doing that a lot lately, but if the weather fits…).   Limoncello Gelato – takes me to a cooler place, although not nearly as cool as the sailboat my cousin is currently …

Mussels in whilte wine

Cozze in Salsa di Vino Bianco

Ciao!   After spending a day in IT hell, the last thing I wanted was complexity in my kitchen.   That said, the solution was ‘simple’ – Cozze in Salsa di Vino Bianco (Mussels in White Wine Sauce)   It’s the quality of the ingredients that make this dish shine, so be sure to use only the best olive oil, perfectly ripe tomatoes…   …


Risotto Nero e ‘Monkfish’

Ciao!   My cousin’s photo from yesterday made me hungry for some great seafood, but instead of looking to southern Italy for inspiration, I turned north to The Veneto.   Ombra Restaurant (Studio City) makes the most amazing Risotto Nero (Cuttlefish Ink is most often utilized for coloring)   I’ve been wanting to make it for sometime now.   I also had some Monkfish …

Chilled Cucumber Soup

Zuppa Fredda di Cetriolo e Pepe

HO CALDO!!!   Looks like it’s up to me to take the heat off.   (Will this weather ever break???)   That said, what better than a Chilled Cucumber & Cubanelle Soup to bring down the temperature.   (FYI – Cubanelle is an Italian frying pepper)   Not sure where I got this recipe from originally, but I’ve changed it around over time.   Instead of …


Caponata alla Siciliana

Buonasera! Tonight, we pay homage to Sicily. I always think of CAPONATA as Italian Ratatouille. Although there are additional elements such as tomato paste and vinegar, the basic ingredients are very similar. Standards are Eggplant,   Onion, Fennel, Bell Pepper and Zucchini. Capers, Pine Nuts, Olives and Raisins are also common additions. More sophisticated versions (e.g. Palermitana) call for artichoke …


Zabaglione con Frutti di Bosco Misti

Along with Chef Alex, had a wonderful time this evening teaching a roomful of curious Match.com members how to make Zabaglione.   (Did you know that this outrageously delicious egg & Marsala mixture originated as a recuperative drink?)   They all did such a greatl job and had so much fun (chefs included) doing it, I want to share a pix.   Bravo …


Cantucci di Prato

Buongiorno!   It’s been a bizzy morning here at Tavolo Mio.   Cantucci di Prato (plain & chocolate)   Time to crank up the moka and brew some Espresso.   I’m such a dip.   (groan)   Ciao e buon appetito.  Have a great weekend!

Pasta w Ricotta, Capers & Thyme

Penne con Ricotta, Capperi e Timo

Ciao a tutti!   I’m back!!!!!   Decided to start out my next year with an old favorite (no pun intented)…Penne con Ricotta, Capperi e Timo (Pasta [your choice] w/Ricotta, Capers & Thyme)   Came across this recipe years ago in La Cucina Italiana and have been in love with it ever since.  Works both as a hot or cold plate; always tastes …

Stracciatella Tortoni with Espresso Fudge Sauce

Tortoni Stracciatella con Salsa di Espresso Fondente

Buonasera!   The chef turns a year older tomorrow, so he’s taking the day off…but not before preparing himself a pre-birthday treat.    Tavolo Mio has featured Tortoni before – that frozen fantasy of a dessert that falls somewhere between Gelato and a light-as-air, melt-in-your-mouth, straight-from-heavenly Mousse – but we’ve never done it like this.    Stracciatella (chocolate swirl) Tortoni with Espresso Fudge …