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Polenta di Pesto

Buonasera!   The other night I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at my friend, Cheryl’s house that included polenta.   While assisting her in the kitchen, we started to toss around various ideas on how we might change up the basic recipe.   One that we both loved and I was anxious to try (finally did so tonight) was Pesto Polenta.   I’m sure I’m …


Baba au Rhum

Ciao!   It’s Friday, so you know what that means: SWEETS FOR THE SWEET (or semi-sweet) TOOTH.   Tonight, I tip my hat to the Campanese side of the family…Baba au Rhum, a classic Neapolitan dessert.   A simple yeast cake soaked in rum syrup, you can serve it plain, with whipped cream and/or fruit; individual pastry-sized or as a single, large cake.   …


Gemelli con Rapini e Salsiccia

Buonasera!   Thankfully things are starting to settle down in  regards to my other two professional pursuits (a.k.a. jobs), so this sporadic posting should be at an end.   I look forward to reestablising a more consistant dialog with all of you.   That said, tonight it was Gemelli (a rope-like pasta – it means “twins” in Italian) with Italian Sausage, Broccoli Rabe, …

Vin Santo 2

Vin Santo

Ciao! Found myself chatting with a woman struggling to remember a certain wine she had enjoyed while on a recent trip to Tuscany. After fielding some probing questions, I was able to ascertain that she was referring to Vin Santo, a traditional Italian dessert wine. In case you’re interested… Vin Santo is a made from white grape varieties such as …

Poached Pear

Pere affogate al Vino Rosso

Ciao a tutti, and thank god it’s Friday!!.   This heat has been relentless, so tonight’s Dolce (remember, it’s Sweets Night at Tavolo Mio) had to be light and refreshing.   Pears Poached in Red Wine fit the bill nicely.   Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Star Anise, Clove, Cardamon, Bay Leaf and a colorful melange of whole Peppercorns lent an exotic, Fall-like quality to …



Buonasera!   Tonight I salute the Northern Italian (Rotto) side of my family.   Ciuppin is a classic soup of Genoa, similar in flavor to Cioppino (a San Francisco Italio/Portuguese creation), only with much less tomato.  This seafood stew is cooked to the point where all of the ingredients are literally falling apart.   The incredible aroma and intense flavor of this Ligurian …


Olive di Castelvetrano

Buonasera!   Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Castelvetrano Olives (truly one of Sicily’s most magnificent gifts to mankind).   SERIOUSLY, I can sit and eat these rich green, buttery little puppies for hours.   And so I am.   If you’re looking for me, I’ve died and gone to olive heaven.   Ciao!

Lemon Pound Cake

Balsamico Espresso

Ciao!   Wow, time flies when you’re working seven days a week.   (Luckily, see some light at the end of the tunnel.)   Regardless, have managed to experiment with my new favorite Ferrari Olive Oil Co. balsamic, Espresso.   Today – Lemon Pound Cake topped w/Espresso-glazed Apples.   Variation: Lemon Poundcake, sliced Bananas, Espresso Balsamic & Vanilla Cream; dust w/Cinnamon & Cocoa.   No matter …

Chestnut Honey & Walnut Cake

Torta con Miele di Castagno e Noci

Ciao everyone!   Last night I found myself chatting with one of our cooking class attendees about a mutual love for Chestnut Honey.   As a result, my baking selection for “Friday, Sweet Friday” was an easy one  – Torta con Miele di Castagno  (Chestnut Honey & Walnut Cake)   Okay, it may be a little ‘Fallish’ in terms of flavor profile, but …