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Coniglio Arrotolato

Hope everyone is off to a good start in 2013 (no hangovers). As for me, decided to kick off the new year by preparing an old favorite…CONIGLIO ARROTOLATO (Roasted Rabbit). This particular preparation incorporates Rabbit Liver; features Prosciutto and Marjoram paired with Onion and Fennel. Okay, I know some of you have a problem with the whole “bunny” thing, but …


Cotechino e Lenticchie Brasate

Starting the day off with COTECHINO e LENTICCHIE BRASATE (Cotechino w/Braised Lentils).   Cotechino is an Italian charcuterie product much like salami, although it requires cooking before being served.   The name comes from “cotica” (rind), but it can go by different names in different regions and/or depending on who’s the producer.   Italian tradition calls for it to be served with lentils …