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Egg Nog Chocoflan w/Orange Clove Cajeta

Ciao!   If these look familiar to you it’s because they are.   You’ve seen them here before.   They’re Chocoflan (the party has a Mexican theme), but with a holiday twist.   The flan is made with Egg Nog (instead of evaporated milk), and we’ll top things off just before serving with an Orange/Clove Cajeta (goat’s milk caramel).   Mangiate!   More to come.


Pistacchio & Pine Nut Brittle

Buonasera!   Cranking out desserts for 120 guests tomorrow evening.   Thought I would share then as they roll off the assembly line.   First at the gate, PIstachio & PIne Nut Brittle.   Hai fame?


Passato di Zucchino

Buonasera!   Let’s just say I love zucchini.   Made the crew WARM ZUCCHINI PUREE for dinner.   Topped it off with fresh Mozzarella.   Feel free to personalize further with whatever tickles your fancy.   I love anchovies (shown here) and/or crisped pancetta.   If ya wanna spice things up a bit, drizzle a little Jalapeno Olive Oil on top.   (There’s a rockin’ one available …