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Chestnut Soup

Zuppa di Castagna

Buonasera!   Cooler nights have arrived in Southern California.   (About time!!!)   To celebrate, I’ve opted to whip up one of my favorite Fall/Holiday dishes – CHESTNUT SOUP.   These earthy, rich-tasting morsels are sure to delight when pureed with Leek, Carrot & Onion, topped off with an artist dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Espresso Balsamic (both from my good friend, Alex …

Pesto 2


I don’t care what anyone says, it’s ALWAYS better when you make it yourself.   Ciao e buon appetito!

Pasta 2

Pasta Fresca

Buonasera!   I’ve been talking about making pasta with my friend, Alex Ferrari (Ferrari Olive Oil Company – Studio City) for some time now.   He sells a beautifully delicate White Truffle Oil that justifies the additional effort.   (Remember, if the sauce is light or relatively simple, that’s the perfect time to roll out Nonna’s old-fashioned crank-handled machine – it’s by far …


Formaggio o non Formaggio

Buongiorno!   Along with Chef Mo, extremely proud of our SLT students who did an amazing job last night in cheese-making class.   Both their Ricotta (pictured) and Mozzarella where ‘squisito’.   FYI…although typically referred to as cheese, Ricotta cannot be qualified as such given that it is not produced by the coagulation of casein. Rather, it is made by coagulating other milk …

White Truffle Risotto

Risotto al Tartufo Bianco

Ciao a tutti!   Okay, for whatever reason I found myself to be in a really good mood today.   Accordingly, I felt a special treat was in order for both me and the entire Tavolo Mio team.   WHITE TRUFFLE RISOTTO   Now, people who know me will tell you that I’m not a subscriber to Truffle mania, but I have to admit …