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Fettuccini Cioccolato

Ciao!   Okay, here’s how my mind works.   Was encouraging a student in class last night to get creative when making pasta.   I suggested incorporating Chocolate as a good example…well, actually I went on about a Goat Cheese Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce & Chocolate Balsamic, but regardless…this morning I found myself reading an interesting article in the NYTimes about the …


Popcorn con Burro al Tartufo, Parmigiano e Rosmarino

Buonasera, and happy Thanksgiving Eve!   No work tomorrow;   no cooking either: someone else is running the kitchen this go round.   Feet up, relaxed, and watching “Gone With The Wind” on the telly.   Could there be a better time for popcorn…TRUFFLE BUTTER, PARMESAN & ROSEMARY POPCORN that is.   Ciao, e buon appetito!



Ciao! Like I said yesterday, “Tis the season..”  My first batch of Panettone this year for an overly anxious client.   (Have to admit they didn’t have to twist my arm to do it.   Te amo, Nonna.)   Ciao, e buon appetito!


Coppa (a.k.a. Capicola or Capocolla)

Buonasera, and dare I say, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Hard to believe they’re here again. Anyway, the party season is upon us. Catered a fund-raising event the other evening where I served a Coppa (a.k.a. Capicola or Capocolla), Carmelized Onion & Chestnut Honey Bruschetta. (This recipe is one of my – and my clients’ – favorites.) In case you’re wondering, Coppa is …


“Tim Burton” Farfalle

Ciao!   Part of the fun of getting back to work is restocking the pantry.   Now, I could claim that I made these beautiful pastas, but I’d be lying.   That honor belongs to Donne del Grano (Ladies of the Grain -or- Pasta Ladies), an Italian artisan brand available at Ferrari Olive Oil Company (Studio City).   Who knew that pasta came in …

Spaghetti and clams

Spaghetti alle Vongole

Buonasera a tutti!   Slowly but surely getting into the swing of things.   In this case, one clam at a time.   SPAGHETTI ALLE VONGOLE   If you want, toss in some Panko bread crumbs (briciole di pane) for a crunchy contrast.   Ciao, e buon appetito!