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Brian Patella


Tavolo Mio – for now a “virtual” (stay tuned) Italian salumeria & gourmet marketplace – was conceived based on two primary objectives: provide customers with the highest quality food and service;  educate and challenge the American palate by introducing ingredients and menu options not commonly found in “traditional” Italian-American establishments.   Tavolo Mio embraces the classic simplicity and exquisite flavors that characterize this emotions-based, tactile cuisine.

“Nonna never measured, she simply “felt” when a dish was right.” 

It is fortunate that we live in a time when Italian cuisine is attaining new levels of wide-spread appreciation, respect and media age celebrity.   Whereas French was the unchallenged darling of savvy ‘foodies” in years past, Italian now commands a leadership position among upscale dining establishments.   For the true gourmand, epicure, or simply the more curious among us, Tavolo Mio opens a window onto the many unique yet rarely experienced elements and intriguing nuances of Italian cuisine, wine and lifestyle

Given that authenticity is the primary mantra of Tavolo Mio, a full-time advisory board – comprised of TM management and business partners; trained as well as de facto experts on Italian cuisine and/or culture (e.g. culinary professionals, importers, Italian nationals) – reviews, evaluates and approves all current  and/or potential menu items and product offered for sale.

Brian Patella


A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Principle & Chef Brian Edoardo Patella has drawn heavily from his Italian heritage and upbringing as well as from time spent both living and working in Tuscany to create the distinctive, sophisticated and delightful culinary experience that is Tavolo Mio.   Brian’s passion is contagious; his reputation for uncompromised authenticity, quality and attention to detail is noteworthy.   He has been a guest contributor to the IDCC cookbook, Taste and has received frequent mention in the online press.   Brian’s expertise extend beyond the kitchen to the world of fine wine: he is currently a member in good standing with the Guild of Sommeliers.

“A relative newcomer to the category, I launched my much dreamed of culinary career later in life.   The previous twenty-eight years were spent in the media/advertising sales field.   During that time I managed to achieve a high degree of professional success, but never a true sense of personal fulfillment or satisfaction.   As family and friends will tell you, my true love has always been food: its preparation and presentation, with a focus on all things Italian.   Spurred by frustration and armed with a dream, I mustered the courage (gulp), threw caution to the wind, and set off in pursuit of a life-long, heart-felt passion.”


 “I prefer ‘Italian’ rather than ‘Italian-American’ when applying an adjective to the place.  Whereas everyone else is doing gelato, we’re offering our customers a show-stopping Tortoni.   How often do you see that outside of Sienna?” 

–  Chef Brian Edoardo Patella