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Black Walnut

Noce Nero, Pressemolo, Parmigiano e Linguine

Buonasera! Italians have been eating pasta for a very long time. Evidence of same can be found in Etruscan tombs. The Roman poet, Horace is believed to have been the first person to write about [lasagna]. The myth that Marco Polo brought pasta to Italy was debunked ages ago. Both Sicilians and Sardinians were supplying the Italian peninsula with dried …

Risotto Nero

Risotto Nero di Seppia

Buonasera! It was a sad day indeed when one of my favorite LA Italian restaurants closed its doors. Under the guidance of much-gifted owner/chef, Michael Young, Ombra’s menu offered one of the best Risotto Nero I have ever tasted. Traditionally, a wonderfully creamy yet perfectly al dente “inked” risotto is paired with calamari (or cuttlefish), Onion, Carrots, Bay and Parsley …


Coniglio Arrotolato

Hope everyone is off to a good start in 2013 (no hangovers). As for me, decided to kick off the new year by preparing an old favorite…CONIGLIO ARROTOLATO (Roasted Rabbit). This particular preparation incorporates Rabbit Liver; features Prosciutto and Marjoram paired with Onion and Fennel. Okay, I know some of you have a problem with the whole “bunny” thing, but …


Cotechino e Lenticchie Brasate

Starting the day off with COTECHINO e LENTICCHIE BRASATE (Cotechino w/Braised Lentils).   Cotechino is an Italian charcuterie product much like salami, although it requires cooking before being served.   The name comes from “cotica” (rind), but it can go by different names in different regions and/or depending on who’s the producer.   Italian tradition calls for it to be served with lentils …


Egg Nog Chocoflan w/Orange Clove Cajeta

Ciao!   If these look familiar to you it’s because they are.   You’ve seen them here before.   They’re Chocoflan (the party has a Mexican theme), but with a holiday twist.   The flan is made with Egg Nog (instead of evaporated milk), and we’ll top things off just before serving with an Orange/Clove Cajeta (goat’s milk caramel).   Mangiate!   More to come.


Pistacchio & Pine Nut Brittle

Buonasera!   Cranking out desserts for 120 guests tomorrow evening.   Thought I would share then as they roll off the assembly line.   First at the gate, PIstachio & PIne Nut Brittle.   Hai fame?


Passato di Zucchino

Buonasera!   Let’s just say I love zucchini.   Made the crew WARM ZUCCHINI PUREE for dinner.   Topped it off with fresh Mozzarella.   Feel free to personalize further with whatever tickles your fancy.   I love anchovies (shown here) and/or crisped pancetta.   If ya wanna spice things up a bit, drizzle a little Jalapeno Olive Oil on top.   (There’s a rockin’ one available …


Fettuccini Cioccolato

Ciao!   Okay, here’s how my mind works.   Was encouraging a student in class last night to get creative when making pasta.   I suggested incorporating Chocolate as a good example…well, actually I went on about a Goat Cheese Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce & Chocolate Balsamic, but regardless…this morning I found myself reading an interesting article in the NYTimes about the …


Popcorn con Burro al Tartufo, Parmigiano e Rosmarino

Buonasera, and happy Thanksgiving Eve!   No work tomorrow;   no cooking either: someone else is running the kitchen this go round.   Feet up, relaxed, and watching “Gone With The Wind” on the telly.   Could there be a better time for popcorn…TRUFFLE BUTTER, PARMESAN & ROSEMARY POPCORN that is.   Ciao, e buon appetito!



Ciao! Like I said yesterday, “Tis the season..”  My first batch of Panettone this year for an overly anxious client.   (Have to admit they didn’t have to twist my arm to do it.   Te amo, Nonna.)   Ciao, e buon appetito!