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Black Walnut

Noce Nero, Pressemolo, Parmigiano e Linguine

Buonasera! Italians have been eating pasta for a very long time. Evidence of same can be found in Etruscan tombs. The Roman poet, Horace is believed to have been the first person to write about [lasagna]. The myth that Marco Polo brought pasta to Italy was debunked ages ago. Both Sicilians and Sardinians were supplying the Italian peninsula with dried …

Risotto Nero

Risotto Nero di Seppia

Buonasera! It was a sad day indeed when one of my favorite LA Italian restaurants closed its doors. Under the guidance of much-gifted owner/chef, Michael Young, Ombra’s menu offered one of the best Risotto Nero I have ever tasted. Traditionally, a wonderfully creamy yet perfectly al dente “inked” risotto is paired with calamari (or cuttlefish), Onion, Carrots, Bay and Parsley …