Polenta di Pesto

Buonasera!   The other night I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at my friend, Cheryl’s house that included polenta.   While assisting her in the kitchen, we started to toss around various ideas on how we might change up the basic recipe.   One that we both loved and I was anxious to try (finally did so tonight) was Pesto Polenta.   I’m sure I’m not the first person to think it up, but let me tell you, I’m going back to this one again and again .   Tonight’s version was topped off with Carmalized Leek, but first thing tomorrow I’m heading out to pick up some fresh Portabella.   Sauteed in a Pecan Praline balsamic, these meatly mushrooms will make a fine  savory addition to this mouth-watering dish.   Ciao e buon appetito!